2022 World Cup (Q): Mostafa Mohamed and Egypt disgust Gabon

Huge disappointment for Gabon. Authors of a big game and head to the 89 th minute, the Panthers have cracked and conceded a draw in extremis against Egypt (1-1) on Sunday in Franceville on behalf of the 2 e day the FIFA World Cup 2022. Beaten by Libya (1-2), also in the final minutes, when the 1 st day, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his teammates and let the Pharaohs with 3 points ahead at the top of their pool of which only the first place will qualify for the play-offs.

Solid and united behind despite the presence of Mohamed Salah, well contained, and above all much sharper offensively, Patrice Neveu’s men nevertheless held a deserved victory. After big chances signed Bouanga, whose goal was refused for offside, Aubameyang, also signaled offside after forcing El Shennawy to an exceptional parade, and especially Boupendza twice, the Clermontois Allevinah had allowed the Gabonese, powerplay for 3 minutes following the expulsion of Gaber, taking a deserved after a superb right next breakthrough and discount Poko (1-0, 73 th ).

But when they had virtually conceded no opportunity during the match, the premises have cracked the 90 th minute when entering Mostafa Mohamed, obviously well recovered from his aborted transfer to Bordeaux equalized deceiving MFA in Mezui two times (1-1, 90 th ). A scenario hard to swallow for the Panthers …

The summary of the match in video