CAF: CAS temporarily lifts Ahmad’s suspension

A small victory for the president of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad. Sanctioned by FIFA on November 19 by a ban on exercising for five years any activity related to football for multiple breaches of the code of ethics, including embezzlement, the Malagasy had appealed to the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport (TAS).

This Friday, the body based in Lausanne, Switzerland announced that it “ accepted the request to temporarily suspend the effects of the decision of the Judging Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee until the sentence is pronounced. final ”and this“ due in particular to a risk of irreparable damage to Mr. Ahmad if the disciplinary sanction is maintained during the period preceding the CAF elections. 

Ahmad allowed to campaign, not to be a candidate …

In other words, Ahmad is authorized to campaign, on the other hand the CAS has not questioned the decision of FIFA which rejected his candidacy for the presidency of CAF because of his suspension. ” The arbitration panel rejected Mr. Ahmad’s request for provisional measures aimed at having a ban on FIFA from taking any decision having the consequence of preventing Mr. Ahmad or making it more difficult for him to appear to the election to the presidency of CAF scheduled for March 12, 2021 ′ ”, underlines the press release.

More generally, the CAS recalled that the decision rendered this Friday “in no way prejudged what it will decide in the analysis on the merits, at the end of the exchange of written submissions and the hearing “. The body has planned to deliver its verdict on March 2, which will allow Ahmad, in the event of a favorable outcome, to stand for the CAF presidential election scheduled for March 12 in Rabat.

The CAS press release