Central Asia RADO takes ‘big step forward’ in Afghanistan

The Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (Radoca) has described the first online training programme for Doping Control Officers in Afghanistan as “one of the greatest achievements” of a difficult year.

The Doping Control Officers of Afghanistan were trained by Central Asia RADO in an online format for the first time and successfully completed their first mission related to out-of-competition testing of Afghanistan athletes.

“Despite all the complex conditions related to COVID-19, the year 2020 is full of great achievements for the Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organisation and its member countries,” Radoca said in a Facebook post on November 27.

“One of the greatest achievements is the first Doping Control conducted by Afghan Doping Control Officers.

“This significant progress is a big step forward in the fight against doping in sport and it will contribute to the success of a strong anti-doping programme not only for Afghanistan but for all the Central Asia region.

“The Central Asia RADO is looking forward to continued collaboration with Afghanistan NOC and further implementation of the anti-doping programme.”

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