Emmanuella tells how she combines comedy and studies

At only 10 years old, Emmanuella Samuel, Nigerian actress on YouTube, is already a superstar. Followed by more than 5 million subscribers on her Facebook page, the teenager explained how she manages to do skits while continuing her studies as a public figure of the country.

Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards 2021 ‘Favorite African Social Media Star’ winner Emmanuella Samuel (10) is making her own way in the Nigerian and African comedy world. Moreover, many still wonder how she manages to combine comedy and studies.

Speaking to The Cable Lifestyle , Emmanuella Samuel said she takes off her acting coat during school hours and only travels on weekends. “I always travel on weekends or holidays, not during school hours. I don’t perform during school time, ”she said.

It must be said that despite her young age, Emmanuella Samuel has her head on her shoulders, because she made her foray into the world of comedy at 5 years old and she seems well surrounded by professionals. She was on a family vacation when she met Mark Angel, the comedian. He needed kids for his comedy shoot and called a few he knew for the audition. But they couldn’t memorize their lines, before he met Emmanuella.

Despite the 18 hour video shoot, a stunt he performed to test children’s endurance, Emmanuella Samuel did well and it convinced him to select her. Nevertheless, Mark Angel had to convince his parents to let her be part of the “Mark Angel Comedy” crew, before getting their approval. She would later become well known after the comedy sketch ” This is Not My Real Face Oh ” shot in a school.

It was in 2018 that Emmanuela Samuel was invited to the National Assembly of Nigeria after obtaining a role in a Disney film. She also won YouTube’s “Best Subscriber Creator” award at the inaugural YouTube Awards for Sub-Saharan Africa. She was named “Best New Actress and Princess of Comedy” at the Afro-Australia Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA), a few months after winning the G-Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award, in 2015. She continued to perform delight its audience with skits centered on the daily life of the average Nigerian.

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