FIFA ranking: Senegal in the Top 20, Algeria stable, Libya leaps!

FIFA unveiled its ranking of nations on Thursday. At the world level, an important change is to be noted since England ejected France from the podium and the reigning world champions are now fourth.

After the first two days of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, several changes were expected in the CAF Zone, but no upheaval ultimately took place. Senegal, winner of its two qualifying matches, remains a solid African leader and even gains a place at the world level, which allows it to integrate the Top 20 (a position it lost in April)!

The Lions are still ahead of Tunisia, now 25 th World nation, and Algeria, who had ejected Nigeria African podium last month but did not this time progresses and remains 30 th globally. Suit Morocco, 33 e , which loses a place worldwide.

Special mention to Libya, which brought down Gabon (2-1) then Angola (1-0) to climb to the top of its knockout group at the World Cup. Now 110 are in the world, the Knights of the Mediterranean are a leap of 12 places, the best increase in the months from all confederations!

The world’s top 10

1. Belgium
2. Brazil
3. England
4. France
5. Italy
6. Argentina
7. Portugal
8. Spain
9. Mexico
10. Denmark

The African top 20

1. Senegal (20th worldwide)
2. Tunisia (25th)
3. Algeria (30th)
4. Morocco (33rd)
5. Nigeria (34th)
6. Egypt (48th)
7. Ghana (53rd)
8. Côte d ‘ Ivoire (54th)
9. Cameroon (58th)
10. Mali (61st)
11. Burkina Faso (62nd)
12. DR Congo (67th)
13. South Africa (73rd)
14. Guinea (76th)
15. Cape Verde ( 77th)
16. Benin (82nd)
17. Zambia (85th)
18. Uganda (86th)
19. Gabon (88th)
20. Congo (92nd)

The full FIFA rankings