Former Ghanaian athlete opens up on receiving $100 as per diem on a national assignment

Former Ghanaian athlete Christian Nsiah has shared an unforgettable experience he encountered during his days as an athlete.

Nsiah who was part of Ghana’s 4×100-meter relay team in an interview revealed how he represented Ghana at a Championship in Zimbabwe where he received only $100 as per diem throughout his stay at the event.

Narrating his ordeal to Ohene-Bampoe Brenya on “Where Are They?” on Happy Sports on Happy 98.9FM, he said, “This is something I will never ever forget in my life. I was only left with $20 after representing Ghana at the Championship in Zimbabwe. I joined the team from the USA where I was based. When I arrived at the camp, I was given $100 by the Leader of the delegation for the five days I was supposed to spend at the tournament”.

“I even used that same money to pay my tax at the Zimbabwe airport before I departed to the States. Later when I got to America together with a colleague, I was only left with $20 from that money. I used that money for a taxi, arrived at a point and then had to walk for 10 miles before reaching my destination”.

Nsiah stated that the main problem of athletics in Ghana has to do with funding and pleaded with the government to invest in the sport as it has the propensity to elevate a lot of youth from poverty.

The former Ghanaian athlete currently resides in the United States of America.

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