GFA has organized a two-day integrity workshop for clubs, RFAs

The Ghana Football Association (GFA), has organised a two-day integrity training for club and RFA integrity officers as part of efforts to protect the integrity of our matches and competitions.

The meetings were held online, with Premier League, Women Premier League, Division One League and RFA Integrity officers present.

The training was to create awareness on match fixing, sanctions available to individuals who fix matches and also reporting mechanisms available to report all unethical conducts.

The presentations of the various sessions were from: Ennio Bovolenta – Head of Integrity FIFA Rodrigo Arias Grillo – Senior Integrity Manager FIFA Agnieszka Antoszkiewicz – Integrity manager

FIFA Senior Integrity Manager Rodrigo Arias Grillo reminded Participants that anyone in Ghana Football(Club Administrators, Players, Technical staff, Staff of the GFA, Media etc) are prohibited from engaging in football betting in any form be it on the Ghana Leagues or any league in the world.

Participants were also reminded that both the FIFA Regulations and GFA Regulations, bars the involvement of persons in football related activities to engage in betting.

Football Stakeholders were also reminded that anyone found conducting betting, gambling connected to football matches, could suffer a lifetime ban from all football related activities.

Participants of the training were also encouraged to visit the FIFA Integrity e-learning Portal to familiarize themselves with issues bothering on Integrity.

All football stakeholder report all Integrity Issues to the GFA Integrity Unit on Call/WhatsApp: 0593-371-735, or report to FIFA on Email:, FIFA integrity App or

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