Ghana Handball Association’s Elective Congress Called Off.

The much awaited and spoken about Elective Congress of the Ghana Handball Association has been called off again. The elections was scheduled for tomorrow morning at the Auditorium of the Accra Metropolitan Authority ( A.M.A.) with all the candidates in high spirits for the day to be called off.

A communique was sent from C.A.H.B thus the African body for Handball in Africa mandating the Association here in Ghana to call off the Congress at the eleventh hour. The notice got to Ghana yesterday and they immediately had to comply to the directives.

There is rejoinder from the President of the Handball Association Hon. Kenneth Dzirasah fuming with anger for the way C.A.B.H has handled the issue. He said they showed respect to the entire Exco members because they engaged them when they came to Ghana and even proposed the date for the elections which has been communicated to all Aspirants and Delegates but within 48hours to the event and it’s called off doesn’t show Respect to the Handball Association.

In view of this the Ghana Handball Association has called off their scheduled Congress from this Saturday morning to a later date which will be communicated to all. Sorry for any inconveniences caused and this is coming from the Ghana Handball Association.

Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe