Ghanaian Musicians are more interested in Fame than Building their Talents – Dope Nation

Ghana’s duo artiste, B2 and Tweest , known as Dope Nation in the entertainment world have come out to say that Ghanaian artistes are more interested in fame and showing off their wealth than building their talents.

The African award winners stated that some singles released by some artistes are of poor quality as a result of failure in investing their resources into their music.

We are not interested in building the craft (music). Ghanaian music artists are more interested in showing off cars , houses and money than showing their talents. We are saying this because , as producers, some artists come to us to produce their songs expecting a no charge forgetting that production is a job on its own. It is business.

They end up seeking for cheaper means of producing their songs whose quality are below standard because of their cravings for fame. These days, we are more interested in numbers than in building talents”.

Speaking to Kojo Manuel on the Drive of your Life Show on Yfm, the sensational artists revealed that for Ghanaian artists to meet the grammy awards requirements, there is the need for fans to support them by promoting their music.

” For Ghanaians artistes to make it to the Grammys, we need the support of our fans. Aside the we artistes doing what is required of us to meet the nomination criteria, our fans must also do their part by pushing us in that direction.”

By Belinda Baaba Baidoo