Government To Acquire $170 Million Loan For Africa Games

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has presented to Parliament a $170million  loan agreement for the hosting of the 2023 Africa Games to be hosted by Ghana.

According to the Ministry, the said amount would be obtained through a facility from Cal Bank – a local bank in Ghana.

The move is an attempt by the Government to salvage the possibility of Ghana losing its hosting rights following delays in the provision of facilities.

The Government last month abandoned plans to build an Olympic size stadium following the delay in the construction of the facility to meet timelines for the competition.

However, the Government is seeking to use the University of Ghana Stadium as the center point for the Games, whilst provide some facilities at Borteyman, the area earmarked for the construction of the Olympic Stadium.

Ghana is looking forward to host the rest of the continent in 2023 with over 20 sporting disciplines set to take a center stage in the country.

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