Kwan Pa releases funny new single and video “TAFO STATION”

Kwan Pa, the Ghanaian household name everyone loves are releasing their latest single “Tafo Station”. The song tells us a story about the ordeal Ghanaian drivers and passengers go through during their everyday lives. It is a blend of traditional and modern palm wine music.

The music video which is produced and directed by Wahala Entertainment follows the daily lifestyle of public transportation in Ghana with a comedic and realistic view.

The indigenous palm wine music band has been on the rise in the Ghana highlife music industry. They are multiple award winning band for best traditional band for the categories of: Highlife Artist of the year, Traditional Palm Wine Music and Traditional Music Group of the year.

After the success of their well renowned EP “Bronya Christmas”, they are now working on more personalized stories about life through palm wine music. Kwan Pa are mostly known for their interactive live performances. You can find them at Zen Garden in Accra every Tuesday to understand what all the buzz is about.

Kwan Pa are signed to Wahala Entertainment and are now working on their new album “Music from Africa” which is set to be released later this year.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

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