Preserving our Planet and it’s People to Protect our Purpose’ – Decathlon Joins Massive Clean Up At Regional Maritime University

On Saturday 26th of October, Decathlon the biggest sports shop in West Africa joined Plastic Punch and the European Union Ghana for the EU Beach Clean Up at the Regional Maritime University Beach.

With over 150 participants Punching Plastics together they collected a total of about 5.3tons of waste, made up of 4.1tons of plastic waste, 160kg water sachets, 400kg e- waste, 560kg textiles, 194kg shoes and 42 tyres, from the RMU Beach.

After a hard day’s work to ensure that the Beach was clean, they practiced Aerobics together.

See some photos from the event for your pleasure.

This is one of the causes that drives the Vision of our Project and it means, they will do everything possible to ensure the Planet that contains the Playgrounds and the People who practice Sports, are preserved and kept safe.

“Thanks to Decathlon Ghana our COMMUNITY through SPORTS will have more PLEASURE, better HEALTH and a better SOCIAL INTEGRATION thus LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. Our KPI: Increase life expectancy at birth from 67 to 77 years” said Kwasi Tabury Director of Decathlon Ghana.

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