Reks Brobbey – The Don King of Ghana Sprinting

1984 Summer Olympian Reks Brobbey, the founder of the Ghana’s Fastest Human Race says world known boxing promoter Don King was not a trainer, he was not a coach nor did he discover any boxer, I don’t think, but he had a huge Brand that made anyone that fought under this huge Brand succeed positively in a plethora of ways. In boxers wanting to get noticed and advance positively, Don King’s Brand was it and wanting to get there gave a lot of boxers so much hope and vim!

In the same way the seven year package which has been extended, Ghana’s Fastest Human programme has become the platform to discover and groom the nation’s best sprinters and record breakers.

The GNPC Speedsters Club is an opportunity to gain all the first class scientific training, equipment and facilities that a sprinter needs, luck can also smile with a scholarship.

According to him, in 2020, the Ghana’s Fastest Human event was not completed due to Covid but the year before, 2019,

“If you came to the Legon event, you would’ve seen a diminutive guy, Benjamin Azamati from UG, beating all at the 2019 Legon meet, and going on to beat all local sprinters at the final of Finals to be crowned GNPC Ghana’s Fastest Human 2019!

He got to the U.S. on an athletics Scholarship in 2020 and this year, 2021, he’s broken the 22 year old Ghana’s 100 meter record by being the 3rd Ghanaian ever to run under 10 seconds. He was running 10.4 in 2019 and 2021, after being polished in the US, 9.97! Wow.

This Saturday, the event is at the Legon Stadium again and races begin from 1pm to 3pm.Who else is striving to come and win under our brand, knowing that vim will get them far after?“With Grace Obuor, we found her in Kumasi, paid for her schooling and everything else at T. I. AMASS and now, got her into the University at Legon as she waits to also leave our shores to the US” he said.“Remember her mum and her peeps wouldn’t let her attend legon as they wanted her to learn how to sew for her future life.

Remember I had to go to the village tornnn with ‘Noko fioo’ before they allowed me to continue with her, hmm“Grace is a 400 meter runner and in 2019, went on to get the Bronze medal at the African Games after being under us and being in our camp in Kumasi, a feat not equaled by any local Ghanaian athlete.

She was 0.03 seconds OFF the 30 year old Ghanaian 400 meter record and Olympic qualifying time” Reks added.

This year, and in preparation for her 400 meter race, she has come down to the 100 and 200 and guess what, she has beaten ALL the Nation’s local sprinters in the 100 and 200 meters races.

She will be at Legon this Saturday to face the Nation’s sprinters again, who have vowed to teach her a sprinting lesson and kick her back to the 400 meters.


From Sammy Heywood Okine

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