Team Ghana so grateful to the Brazilian Community.

Team Ghana have been supported here by almost all the countries because of Friendship and Relationship.

I reported that the two bicycles Ghana brought here were broken due to the Airline Handling and in the first race they had to be offered two bicycles by the Brazilian Federation to compete.

Immediately after the first competition,a Brazilian by name Angelo offered to help the cycling team repair their bicycles. He took the coach round in his own car roaming to see how best he can help and fortunately for Ghana , he got someone who came to where Team Ghana was lodging for the two bikes.

He brought the Bicycles yesterday before the race repairing one but the other one is badly damaged without repairs. The Ghanaian cyclist who used it was full of praise for the man.

The love shown to Team Ghana is massive and everyone is happy. Special thanks to Angelo for this great philanthropical gesture for Ghana.

Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe