Those who say my awards are fake are comedians – Dr. UN fires

Kwame Owusu Fordjour, popularly known as Dr UN, founder of BluePrint Mission International, has told that those who have criticised him on his awards and labelled it as fake are “comedians who only rant on social media”.

According to him, it is those he did not award that are tagging his awards as fake.

“Nothing is wrong with the awards, it is a great thing we do and we are in this for 17 years now.” He indicated.

He said people who are against his awards must ‘school’ themselves to know more about his institution.

“They should read.” He fired.

Dr. UN observed those who are against his awards are all comedians who do not know what they are about.

He again indicated those saying his awards are fake are rather fake.

He revealed he is poised to have a successful event this year despite the fallouts from last year’s.